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    If statement returns wrong value

    Sander Binda

      Here's the situation; I've added an Excel file with a budget to a SQL server. I created key identifier to connect the both of them.

      I made a crosstab with the date on rows and the budget on text.

      The calculated field I use is {fixed [key identifier] : min([Budget])}.

      This works perfectly fine but here's the catch: If I want to show the budget of yesterday it starts giving me wrong values


      I use IF [date]=today()-1 THEN  {fixed [key identifier] : min([Budget])}.

      The number is off by that much that I do not even know where it comes from.


      For example january 2nd 2019:


      {fixed [key identifier] : min([Budget])} returns 44559 (correct value).

      IF [date]=today()-1 THEN  {fixed [key identifier] : min([Budget])} returns 4789247.