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    Border Line for total

    User Test

      Hi All,


      I have issues with displaying the border line for my total.

      In my tableau desktop, I already enable the border line for my total, and it well display in my desktop.



      However, when I publish to tableau server, the border line at the bottom is missing due to uncertain reason.


      Anyone know this issues?



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          Joe Oppelt

          In the top screen shot it looks like you have floated a narrow sheet of up-and-down arrows over the larger sheet.


          Is that correct?


          And you're looking for a reason why the border on the larger sheet has blanked out along the width of the narrow sheet that is floating above it?


          If all my questions are correct, it's the interaction of those two sheets causing what you are seeing.

          Can you upload a sample workbook?  (Even if you just hack up one with bogus data.)  Maybe we can figure out a way to make those two play together better.