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    Want to exclude "NA" when sorting a column

    Cassandra Sherrill

      I have a table with three years of school salaries that I've made searchable and sortable. I would like, when doing a Descending sort on one of the three salary columns, to exclude the fields with NA in the results. That way you would have the highest salary for each year at the top, rather than a massive string of NAs that you have to scroll past to see the actual highest salary. 


      I feel like I should be able to use the EXCLUDE function to accomplish this in a calculated field, but I can't seem to figure out how to do it in this instance. Should it be its own calculated field or should it be included in the Sort By formula somehow? Or is that not the answer? The problem is I don't want NA to be ALWAYS excluded, only when a user does a descending sort on a specific column (NAs should still be viewable in other years when sorted by a different year).



      See example image below sorted for 2015-16. Many, many thanks for any help with this! I've been dealing with this database and trying to get it cleaned up and usable for half a year.