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    Prep says unable to open because file was created in pre-release version

    Luke Hinson

      Prep 2018.2.3    (since Sept '18)

      Created a flow in Dec 2018, use it weekly.   Used 12/17, saved, no issues.  Used it 12/24, saved,  no issues.

      Went to open flow 12/31 and received the following error message:

      "This file was created in a pre-release version of Tableau Prep and has a file format that is no longer valid in the released versions of Tableau Prep"

      Prep will not open the file - just tested another file i used (and saved) 12/24 and am receiving same error.


      Have any of you experienced this issue? 

      Any word from Tableau on what the issue/cause is?


      I have opened a ticket  Case# 04479996  in hopes of finding a remedy and/or preventative steps for future. 

      Support asked me to clear logs, duplicate, and send them fresh logs, which i have.


      (Update:  worked with support, issue was corrupted flow during a save (see network drive comments below) - issue was resolved by using Microsoft "Recover Previous Versions" capabilities - was not able to resolve via repackaging - has not been a frequent issue)