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    Blending with an excel sheet

    Lauren Schmidt

      I am trying to calculate a projected current month amount but the number of days in the calculation needs to exclude weekdays and holidays. I have separate excel files that have a list of Holidays and Business Days and I have done some separate calculations for day counts.

      My current calculation for PROJ $ - CM is showing as valid but when I pull the calcuation on to the sheet no data appears.


      I rec'd an error stating that I need to set a relationship between two data sources. When I create a relationship between INVOICE DATE and HOLIDAYS, and then click on the link icon to blend, a few pills turn red.

      I am stumped! Any help and an explanation would be greatly appreciated!

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          Joe Oppelt

          Your calc, [# of Weekdays - MTD excl Holidays] in the primary data source is referencing this calc in the secondary: [# of Weekdays - MTD (CY)].


          And that calc is doing a COUNTD.


          Tableau won't do COUNTD in a secondary source.  It requires row-level access to the secondary data, and Tableau by design only does an aggregate-level connection to the secondary source.