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    A,B,C Analysis

    Eric Peterson



      I have a dimension called Item which contains all items being sold.  I would like to be able to create dimensions which are split to A items, B items, and C items.  Any idea how I can do this?

      The final objective is to reate a Parameter which allows the user to select from the options Item, A item, B item, or C item and have the corresponding items returned. 


      Any and all suggestions are welcome.




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          Ken Flerlage

          How are they classified as A, B, and C? What is the logic for splitting them up? Also, how do you intend to visualize it when you've done this? Any chance you can provide a sample workbook?

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            Eric Peterson

            Hi Ken,


            I have done the A,B,C already in an excel, so I know which items should be A,B,C.    I've included a screen shot to help explain further.  Currently there is a dimensions which is called Customer Item Id which contains all items.  In theory what I´d like to do is create another dimension called A items and say Customer Item Id ="1, 2, 3" and then the same for B Items, etc.  Obviously this doesn´t work.  I hope this helps a bit, if not I wll try and include more information.


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              Jim Dehner

              Hi Eric

              I have attached an analysis that breaks sales into quintiles by customer name - (you can use that as an analogy to ABC analysis

              The process is involved and relies heavily on table calculations - that will make using the parameter you suggest difficult - see the lookup filter on the summary sheet


              Good luck


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                Ken Flerlage

                Why separate dimensions though? Why not just create a new field (using a group or a calculated field) which has the values, A, B, or C? Then use that new field for your analysis? What is the end result you're shooting for?

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                  Eric Peterson

                  Hi Ken,


                  No reason behind separate dimensions, it was just what I had in my head.  I'm more then open to other suggestions, this is why  I'm asking for help in the first place.  What I´d like to do finally is allow the user to see inventory accuracy per item class.  So, they could select all items, or only A items, or only B items, etc and see KPIs depending on item class.




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                    Hi ERIC,


                    As I understand, if you can define in excel,




                    if item id='1' then 'Item A',

                    if item id='2' then 'Item B',

                    else 'Item C' end



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                      Ken Flerlage

                      Okay, gotcha. I'd suggest just using a new field as I noted above. You could then create a filter on that field to allow people to choose any combination of groups A, B, & C. The key will be creating that field. If you have logic in your data already that would help to determine which group they are in, then you can create a calculated field. Otherwise, you can manually create a group.

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