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    Tableau changes field names

    Michael Begg



      I have used Alteryx to prepare a .hyper extract as a file. The naming convention for field names (from source database) is all lower case, and an underscore ('_') instead of blank space when the field name contains 2 or more words.


      When I connect to the extract as a file in Tableau, the field names are changed to be Title Case and blank space replaces the underscore.


      See below screenshot from Alteryx and Tableau.


      This is a problem for me as I have built a workbook using the hyper extract as a file as the datasource.


      Now I want to change the datasource to get the same data from Tableau Server


      The hyper extract published to Server maintains the field names as viewed in Alteryx ... so when I try to replace the file data source in Tableau, many calculated fields become invalid as it can't find the field name.


      E.g I have a calculated field that references [Perd Sold] from the hyper extract as a file, while the same field in the Server hyper extract is [perd_sold]. Hence replacing the data source makes the calculated field invalid.