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    Pace that continues on days with no sales

    Jamie Hubler

      Hello all,


      I am working with Pace.  I recently posted and received a very good answer for the question I asked, but believe I was asking the wrong question.  Attached is my workbook that shows I want to keep track of the pace for the month.  My Pace calculation takes the running sum of Sales divides that by the # of the day and multiplies it my the # of days in the month.  This will work, however, I don't believe it will do what I want it to do, which is to continue to calculate a pace on days that don't yet have sales.  It's a little hard for me to figure out since I don't have 2019 data yet, but wanted to reach out and see if anyone had suggestions.


      If today sales for the 3rd of January have been reported, then I want to divide that by the # of business Days (2) and multiply by the number of business days in January (22).  My calculation should take care of that.  However, instead of just plotting the Pace points at the days where sales are reported, I would like to see the pace for the entire month, quarter and/or even year, even those days without sales, meaning, I would like to carry the calculation of Running sum of Pace reported for each day of the month.


      Anyone have any suggestions?