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    Multiple Custom SQL Queries

    Faiz MH

      Hi Everyone,


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      I have connect to 2 databases These databases has similar table name, column names and numbers of column. The different is just the server location where one is to serve location A and the other location B. I need to use custom SQL query to query the data from respective location.

      I have added the 2 database to Connection as shown. In my case, I need to create 2 custom query per location and use Full Join to join 2 different table that share same name in 2-3 columns and use it as join criteria. My question is how can I make such queries by location effectively so that when I query for location A I will get its data only and same goes to location B data. Right now I am unsure if this is the best option.


      Hope the experts here can provide some recommendations.




      Appreciate that.

      Thank you.