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    if includ

    Alex Martino

      I have a category with values. I want to create a formula (instead of filter) that only shows the values if it is NOT certain values. My formula doesn't work Why not? Is there a better way of writing it?


      if [Sub-heads] <> "Null" or [Sub-heads] <> "CASH FROM INVESTOR" or [Sub-heads] <> "Inspection and quality control Expenses"

      or [Sub-heads] <> "LOAN PAYMENT" or [Sub-heads] <> "Product Prep" or [Sub-heads] <> "Production Shipping" or [Sub-heads] <> "Production Management"

      or [Sub-heads] <> "Product Shipping" or [Sub-heads] <> "Purchases" or [Sub-heads] <> "Sample related shipping" or [Sub-heads] <> "Samples" then [Amount]