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    2 data sources

    Raj Cheruvu



      I have a file that has 2 data sources using 2 excel tables.  I had converted the file to a .twbx and want to convert it back to a .twb file because the .twbx file took too long to open and load the information.  One of the excel files got converted to a hyper file but the second file did not.  I could be wrong but I feel that my file has one data source as a hyper file and the second data source is zipped in the .twbx file.  How can I connect two data sources to the same hyper file?  How can I check that both files are a hyper file?


      My file runs faster when it is a hyper file and it is not posted to the server. The files are opened off our shared drives.





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          Simon Runc

          hi Raj,


          So you can tell if you are using extracts (.hyper) or live by looking at the visual cue in the data section



          in this image the top one is Live (single barrel) and the bottom one is an extract (double barrel)


          To change your .twbx to a .twb just do a save as and select .twb. In the file location you'll now see an extra folder with the datasource (either Excel or hyper files) in. This is because a .twbx is just a zip file of the workbook (.twb) and the datasources, and when you re-save it as a .twb, Tableau unpacks the datasources into this folder.


          and yes .hyper files will be much fast than live against excel, as the extract is optimised for Tableau (the ,hyper files are also much smaller than the original excel).


          Hope that helps