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    Dynamic Column Dimension based on Filter

    Siddhalingesh Kori

      Hi All,


      Need a help with regards dynamic dimension in column shelf.


      Criteria: When user selects, All or More categories, then column shelf should show 'Category' as dimension & when user selects single pr only one 'Category' then column shelf should have 'Sub-Category' dimension.


      When all selected:

      When only Furniture in 'Category' Selected:


      I have attached workbook for reference and working. i'm using Tableau 10.5 version.


      Let me know if you need more information.




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          Simon Runc

          hi Siddhalingesh,


          There are a couple of ways we could do this. Here is one way using Table Calculations.


          I first set up this calculation

          [One Category Selected]



          This will determine how many Categories are selected. I also added the Category to the VizLoD on the SubCat sheet, and also made the filters apply across both sheets


          I add this calculation to the filter in the SubCat sheet and set up like this



          Notice the order and the "at the level" setting. Set the filter value to True


          Add this calculation to the Category sheet and set up like this



          and set filter value to false.


          As a single category is selected in the filter this acts a sheet swap and only shows the "right" sheet.


          Hope that helps and makes sense