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    export workbook in server to pdf by tabcmd

    yogev zilberman


      version tableau 2018.3

      i am trying to export workbook in server to pdf on tabcmd script..

      I am running the script from "C:\Program Files\Tableau\Tableau Server\2018.3>"

      script is:

      tabcmd export https://xxx-xxx-xxx.xxx.com/#/views/WeeklySalesReport-DataRefreshed/CurrentQBookingandPipeline?:iid=5 -pdf -f "C:\Users\admintbl\test.pdf" -u xxx -p xxx --no-certcheck

      but getting same error everytime:

      *** Failed to create a VizQl session on the server


      i saw tableau article to upgrade to same tabcmd version as the server - now they are same version (20183.18.1128.2033)

      but still same errors...


      maybe script is not good?

      maybe i need to run the script from different folder?

      i saw something about system variables..?