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    Multiple labels for values in likert

    Susan Peth

      I apologize if this has already been discussed.  I haven't been able to find it in the forum. I have questions with 5 pt likert scales, but different labels (strongly disagree to strongly agree, not at all useful to essential, not at all well to exceptionally well, etc.).  I have stacked bars with a dual axis chart of top box scores as circles showing the % responding 4 or 5.  I want the tool tip to show the label based on the question.  For example, if a "how useful" question, I want the tooltip to show the usefulness labels, if a "how well" question, the labels from the not well to exceptionally well labels.  I would prefer not to group the questions by label type.  I reads better if they are ordered by question number.


      Can the labels be inserted into the calculated fields with an IF statement?  For example, If [Question] is ______ then label for value is _____?  Thank you for any suggestions.