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    Open Tableau workbook

    Vibhu S

      How to open workbook attached in forums in tableau community,my tableau desktop expired

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          Mahfooj Khan



          Quick question

          Do you just want to open the workbook and see the dashboard?

          If yes then you can install tableau reader which is free though you can only see the viz. You cannot edit it.


          Or do you want to open and do some development on that?

          If yes then you cannot open the workbook if you've finished 14 days trail license period. You have to buy a license.

          You can follow the link for more info regarding licensing and different products.

          Tableau Pricing for Individuals and Personal Use


          Tableau public is free which you can install for learning purpose though you cannot save/open packaged workbooks. You've to published your work in your public profile.

          Free Data Visualization Software | Tableau Public


          Let us know if this help.



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            Richa Maheshwari

            Hi Vibhu,


            To just view the workbook, download Tableau Reader: Tableau Reader


            In case you want to edit and work on it, use Tableau Public: Download Now | Tableau Public

            Downside of Tableau Public is that you can only save your workbook publicly.


            Another choice is to buy the licence or request for a trail extension from Tableau by writing them a mail.


            If in urgent need, take another laptop, use another mail ID, download Tableau Desktop and start working for 14 more days.


            Hope this helps.


            All the best.