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    Licensing a Tableau Server Explorer User

    Ashraf Dahab



      We have 4 Desktop Creator licenses and 20 Server Explorer ones.


      When I installed the Tableau server, I don't remember doing anything for the first two Explorer users except simply importing their accounts from our AD and assigning their site roles as Explorer!


      Now I want to add another user, so I did the same, imported his account from AD and assigned the site role and group membership. Only difference is, Tableau is refusing to sign the user in, saying that the user is unlicensed! When I view the user details on Server I see that it is indeed unlicensed, but I don't remember doing anything to license the first two users that I have added earlier!


      Also, on our account, under the My Keys page on the customer portal, I can see the Creator licenses assigned clearly to the creators, but the Server Explorer keys are not assigned to anyone! When I click on the Explorer-Server license key I can see that the license count is 20.


      Finally, when I change the new user's site role from unlicensed to Explorer I get an error saying that there are no enough licenses!! I only have two creators and two explorers, out of 24 licenses!


      Why is that happening?




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          Mark McGhee

          Hi Ashraf,


          For Tableau Server keys, these start with "TS...." and can only be applied to Tableau Server.   Tableau Server keys can be "stacked" so you might for example have a "TS..." key for Creator-Server seats and you may have another for "TS...."  Explorer seats and by applying both you would gain the total number of seats.


          Also, it wasn't mentioned what version of Tableau Server you're using.   Only Tableau Server 2018.1.x or above will recognize a "TS...." key for Create, Tableau Server 10.5.x and below won't recognize the key and "unlock" the additional roles.  We've seen it where some account managers provide their customers these keys early in the process before they've upgraded to a version that can recognize them.  Could that be the case here?

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            Ashraf Dahab

            Thanks for the response Mark!


            The problem is resolved now. Apparently I didn’t know that I had to activate the Explorer Server key on the server after installation. I assumed it will be licensed automatically!

            All this time I was adding users who were using the Creator Server license which got activated during installation!


            I have contacted Tableau Support and they were super fast at calling me and sending me the necessary steps to activate the key.





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