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    Shapefile Zoom

    Chris Martin

      Please bear with me as I am new to Tableau.  I am trying to find out why our ShapeFile does not Zoom when filtering/unfiltering.  We have joined it to another Oracle datasource.


      From the attached image you can see the polygons based on the Division selected.  It would be expected that this would zoom in on the polygons yet it seems to be showing the whole map where all the divisions would be located.


      Any direction or thoughts would be greatly appreciated.


      Tableau Version: 10.5.6 (10500.18.0703.1953) 64 bit


      Thank you.

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          Sarah Battersby

          Hi Chris,


          My first thought is that you might have the map 'pinned' at full extent.  Try unpinning - the icon should look like this - and then the map should pan/zoom to the filtered locations:


          As opposed to like this (when the map is pinned to a set extent):


          If you have turned the map toolbar off and need to turn it back on to update this, click on Map - > Map Options and then make sure 'show toolbar' is checked.


          Let me know if this doesn't work and I'll see if I can come up with some other ideas.



          Tableau Research

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            Chris Martin

            Hi Sarah,


            We were playing around with the "pin" and selecting different divisions. We noticed that only one of our divisions is not zooming; it is in the full map state (the map is unpinned as you suggested). 

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              Sarah Battersby

              But all of the rest of the divisions zoom as expected when filtered to that specific division?


              Is there any chance you can share your twbx with me?  If it's sensitive data we can work out a way to share the file outside of the forums.  If you follow me in the forums you should be able to share the file directly (or I'll pass along my Tableau email) so that I can take a look at the file.



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                Jonathan Drummey

                Hi Chris,


                Besides what Sarah wrote I've run into three other causes of this kind of behavior:


                1) There's a polygon that is effectively invisible at the current zoom level that is changing the map extents. You can sometimes spot this by doing a right-click in an empty part of the map and then Select All, another way is to (temporarily) change the mark type to circle, that can reveal those marks. For example I'm regularly working with point-based data that for some points the latitude & longitude is reversed and when Tableau draws the map it zooms out so far I can't see any points, it's happened with polygons as well.


                2) I recently encountered one spatial file coming out of a GeoJSON source that had a polygon that I couldn't select nor display through the circle mark type trick (though it was changing the map extent). I ended up figuring out which one it was by placing the necessary dimension on Color to identify all polygons and then in the map selecting & excluding the visible polygons until that one invisible & non-selectable mark was left in the color legend. The polygons came from someone else so I've had to go back to them for a fix.


                3) Occasionally shapes generated by Alteryx somehow always default the zoom to the whole planet rather than the visible marks. I haven't been able to figure out what it is that Alteryx is doing, Alteryx said they had a fix in their 2018.3 version but it still happens sometimes. Based on your screenshot that doesn't seem to be happening for you since the map is zoomed in.



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                  Sarah Battersby

                  +1 on Jonathan's comments - these are a lot of the things that I wanted to check on in your shapefile.  Sometimes there are just little weird bits that hang out and plump up the bounding box for features, but it can be hard to find them in Tableau alone. 


                  Spatial data is weird. 



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                    Chris Martin

                    Yes, all the divisions Zoom except one.


                    How can I get you my twbx?

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                      Chris Martin

                      Hello Jonathan,


                      #1 worked.  I did a Select All and saw a tiny dot in the extreme northern part of my map.  I changed to Circle to verify and there it was.  Much appreciated!!

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                        Chris Martin

                        Thanks Sarah for your assistance as well.  Much appreciated!

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                          Jonathan Drummey

                          > Spatial data is weird.


                          Thank you for writing that, I've thought it was just me.



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                            Jonathan Drummey

                            You're welcome!

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                              Sarah Battersby

                              If only… I can’t count the number of hours I’ve spent chasing map projection problems, corrupted files, mystery 1 pixel polygons, vertex ordering issues, problems due to semantics of a particular data type (because heaven help us all if there were a single standard, right?  Nope…every format is a special snowflake), and so on.


                              Fortunately I sort of like spatial problems (especially when I can actually figure them out)