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    Help Needed On Executive Goals vs Actuals Dashboard: Master Table & Bullet Chart Graphs

    Andrew Slutzky

      Hello Tableau Community,



      To create a goals vs actual marketing funnel forecast dashboard in Goals Dashboard 12.28.2018 v1. I want to see the following metrics in bullet graphs and in tables. I have 3 data sources. The first is the Excel File with my goals in it. The second is the SFDC Leads Table. The third is a SFDC Oppty Contact Roles Table. I have blended on Employee Tiers (Cascade Based). I've included the packaged workbooks and a Sample Master Table Excel File.


      Please see my questions below. Thanks!



      1. How can I create a goals bullet chart in the Goals Dashboard 12.28.2018 v1 that looks similar to the ENR 400 500 Q22018 one?


      2. How can one sheet in Goals Dashboard 12.28.2018 v1 to look like the Sample Master Table Excel File?



      ENR 400 500 Q22018 Bullet Chart

      Sample Master Table File



      All the best,