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    Switching Control between Dashboards


      Hi Guys,
      I have been creating a dashboard which has multiple dashboard in it. In One dashboard i have a below bar chart :


      When i click on any Bar i reached at  another dashboard.
      ISSUE : When i click on Last bar (like in my case it is in Red color in above chart) , control shift on another dashboard but on same place where the bar is. so the next dashboard show the blank space. Actual content of the next dashboard is at above the blank space.after scrolling i had reached the actual content of the next dashboard.I am using action for this work.


      How can i reached at actual content of the next dashboard after click of any bar of last dashboard ? mean my control always reached at content of the dashboard in the upper section of dashboard.
      NOTE : This issue is appeared after published the dashboard on server. ( On Desktop its look ok)