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    % Change on Measure Values

    Aaron Winkel

      Hello, I'm currently displaying 2 columns of data with different KPIs on the rows (Measure Names).  Each of the Columns is a separate quarter and I need to add a 3rd column that shows the % change between 04-2018 and 03-2018 for each KPI.  Ideally I need to create this view:


      Any ideas are welcome, thank you in advance!!

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          Deepak Rai

          Hi Aaron

          You need to Pivot your data to get it:



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            Aaron Winkel

            Thank you, Deepak!  Is there anyway to update this so I wouldn't have to create a separate measure for each Quarter/Year combo?  Could I create a parameter for each Quarter and Year and then somehow working that into a 'This Year' and 'Last Year' measure to avoid needing to create separate measures?

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              Rodrigo Calloni

              Hi Aaron


              The table calculation that Deepak created is dynamic. However for it to work properly in a timeseries (quarterly) you need to convert your year/quarter fields to dates. This will ensure that the table calculation will always compare the month against the previous.


              Attached I send a suggestion on how you can display the data, including the creation of the Date field as I mentioned here. It giving emphasis to the actuals for each quarter and having the context (% total) there.


              Note: I don't understand why you want to invert the positive and negative numbers on the viz. -33 is 65% lower than -20, so it would be recommendable to show -65%. I opted as you can see below to not show + or -, instead using unicode triangles pointing up and down can be very effective.


              Screen Shot 2018-12-28 at 10.33.29 PM.png


              I hope this helps... if so, please mark the answer as correct so others can also find it quickly.



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                Aaron Winkel

                This is great!! Thank you so much.


                One last quick question, how did you format the Values so they were aligned and then the % was on a row below? Whenever I attempt to format, everything is either centered, or aligned to the Top.

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                  Rodrigo Calloni

                  Hi Aaron


                  For the text: I right aligned the text on the Text card and added the Value on the top row with a larger font and the % total in the second row with a smaller font.