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    Date Aggregation Display


      Hi All,

      I am creating a dashboard for weekly, monthly, quarterly etc.  When we select Parameter as Weekly and select the Parameter 2 for specific week, we get Average Sales of past 6 months  vrs actual  sum sales  for selected week. this is working fine.

      How ever, I have to show monthly and quarterly respectively.  When we choose Select Parameter as monthly. Parameter 2 should display months and not weeks,Similarly for quarter.

      I can create different parameter for monthly and quarterly. But is there a way where we can have just one parameter which toggles between weeks, months, quarters? 

      i.e. When we select Parameter as Weekly, then Parameter 2 should be actual Weeks. When we select parameter as monthly, then parameter 2 should be actual months etc.


      I also tried with Date range Parameter and this works how ever, this displays every single day and confuses end user so instead having list can be useful.