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    Category tree | Hierarchie

    Kay Rohde

      Hey Guys,


      I want to build a Dashboard where I can see the Revenue of all Categories, but i dont know how i can do it with the given Data.


      This is the data i got:


      I already tried to do it with the parent_id and the level but it did not work at all.


      The aim is to build a hierarchie, for that the data has to look like that:


      and the Tree looks like that:


      The goal at the end would be for example a pie chart where all main categoies are listed with the revenue.

      Then you click for example on the Cameras piece and you got an other pie chart with the sub categories of Camera.


      And of course if there is any product which is in 2 main categories the revenue should be in both.

      I hope there is anyone who knows a way to solve this problem.


      Thanks and best regards