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    Percentage Average (Specific level).

    Andre Celidonio

      Hi Experts!


      I am new on tableau and I am trying to develop a Dashboard that has an average percentage. I have searched in a lot of topics, but I was not able to get it resolved with the same resolutions.


      I have a percentage for 3 weeks (Example, can be more or less), just like that:


      This is calculated by Number of records (How many records I have for each kind of alerts percentage).


      I want now have a calculation with the average of the weeks removing the week from the level of detail, and I am trying to have something like that:




      But... When I remove the week, it is calculating based on the records amount, not based on the weekly percentage average:



      I have already tried to create calculated fields to use "FIXED" for lock the select on Week & Buyer level, but it did not work.