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    Filter all marks on sheet based on one mark


      What a title - another one might be - "Filter entire table based on one partition".


      The end goal is to have two identical sheets, each with a different background color.  If Last Month's metric (ROA, in this case) is greater than the budget then I need to choose the blue sheet, else choose the red sheet.  I will put both sheets in a dashboard container, and whichever sheet meets the criteria will be displayed while the other one will be hidden because it has no marks.  Each sheet will have the previous 13 months displayed.  I need to only use the previous month in the calculation.  For example, if November ROA is greater than budget then filter out all the data on the red sheet, so that it will hide. 


      Using table calcs, i've been able to create the calculations I need, but I don't know how to apply the filter to an entire table.  Like in the below image, November ROA Actual is greater than November ROA Budget, so the 'ROA Compare TEST (copy)' = 1, so now I need to filter out all of the marks on the red sheet and keep all the marks on the blue sheet. 

      I realize a sample workbook would be ideal, and I will gladly post one if needed.  Thanks!