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    Multi-Membership Grouping Issues


      One of our systems allows users to tag orders with certain text.  I would like to be able to show each tag an order is tagged with. 


      This is a simplified version of my data:


      As you can see the order IDs contain multiple tags (they are formatted like this with a comma in between).

      data example.png


      Here is an example result I'm trying to get to:


      Basically, I need to be able to show when an Order ID appears under multiple tags.


      results example.png



      I've tried creating a multi-filter parameter but was only able to show one filter at a time, ie only apples or only bananas.  I would like to be able to show a report with all filters and all the totals.


      I also tried creating an If Contains[System Tags."Apples"] then "Apples" type formula, but it would only show the first value it matched. It wouldn't show Apples and Bananas, just Apples.


      And yes, I would like the amounts "duplicated".


      Any help would be greatly appreciated!