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    Jump Plot as Timeline


      I've read Chris Demartini's blog post about jump plots and have downloaded his workbooks, but I'm stuck building mine. I'm trying to create a timeline showcasing on which days I travelled during each year (one hop = one trip). Both width and height should represent the number of days travelled. The line should be flat when I wasn't travelling. I've decided to create a node for each day as the nodes are equidistant in Chris's example. It's supposed to look like this:




      I've noticed that my calculations for


           Node Num Int = WINDOW_MIN(MIN([Node]),FIRST(),FIRST())




           Node Num Sec = WINDOW_MIN(MIN([Node]),LAST(),LAST())


      return the same value so my y values are zero and I can't create the Bezier curve.


      They look like this in Chris's baseball jump plot:



      Whereas I get the following result:



      I've attached Chris's pitcher workbook and my travel workbook.


      Any help would be appreciated!