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    How to create a dynamic percentage of total?

    Richa Maheshwari



      I am using the superstore data to replicate the issue i am facing. I want to create a dynamic percentage of total which changes with filter.


      I have attached a packaged workbook which help me show you my exact pain point. The dashboard shows the sales, profit, discount and products purchased by country. To make the analysis more meaningful, i have also put in total number of orders and sales on a separate sheet and put it on the dashboard to help the user get a quick grasp of what is happening.


      When i use filter, the total number changes. However, i want to also see the 'percentage of total' for the total number of orders and sales. Just like the total number is impacted when a filter is applied, the percentage of total should also be impacted.


      I tried using quick calculation - 'percentage of total' and the number comes to 100%. But it doesn't change along with the total number when the filter is applied.


      Can someone help me with this?


      Thank you.