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    How can I add/use capacity with booking figures (LOD function)

    sander van der Velden

      Hi guys,


      I am having a problem using capacity together with the booking figures.

      At this moment I use 2 seperate datasources:

      1. Booking figures

      2. Capacity


      I can blend them and then I can use the booking figures in combination with the capacity (to calculate the occupancy).

      However, in the booking figures there is a dimension called "sales channel", which is not in the capacity datasource, so unfortunately I can't use this as a filter.

      When using booking figures a primary source, and using sales channel as filter, and filtering on 'online', I will lose the capacity of 4-1-2019, since this is only booked via 'call center'.

      When using capacity as a primary source, I cannot add 'sales channel' as a filter.


      Booking figures:




      A solution would be to make a left join and then to use LOD function (include for example), but since the capacity is not equal for every date, and not every date has the same number of booked weeks, I am also having problems with that.

      I used both Include and Exclude, but it doesn't seem to work.

      (In this example I only have 1 exclusion: only Sales channel, but in real life I have more...)


      See attached an example workbook.


      Thank you very much for thinking with me!


      Merry christmas and a happy 2019!