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    Actions to cycle visibility?

    Philip Perrin

      Hi there -

      I am looking for a solution that hides a mark when it is selected. I am using custom shapes on a dashboard to drive user selection. The following description uses the term hidden per this help article (https://kb.tableau.com/articles/howto/hide-a-worksheet-with-a-filter-action ).

      In the attached workbook, the ideal workflow is that when the user selects Shape A, the result is that Shape A, Shape C, Shape D, Region, Segment and Category are all hidden. Since Shape B is still visible, when the user selects Shape B, the result is that Shape A and Shape D are still hidden, but Shape B is then hidden as well, but Shape C is now visible - similarly, Region and Category are still hidden, but now Segment is visible and Ship is hidden.


      Thank you and happy holidays