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    Adding dimension to Detail changes data in viz

    Ashraf Dahab



      I have a dashboard that displays projects (demands) per department. For each department I have created a separate sheet, with a department filter on each.


      Everything was fine, until I decided to create one more sheet (Sheet 8 in the attached packaged worksheet), for use in Tooltips. When users hover over every Status bar a tooltip will display Sheet 8 for detailed statuses.


      Now, to filter the Sheet 8 correctly I need to have Department in Detail in the main Department sheet (for example, in the Consumer sheet I need to have Department in the Detail otherwise the tooltip sheet will display statistics for all departments). So when I add the dimention "Project - Department" to Detail the measure values for two statuses change! Mainly, the bar for "Cancelled" and "Completed" immediately go slightly lower! Upon inspecting the data, I found that certain departments are removed from the viz when I add "Project - Department" to Detail.


      I don't know why that is happening.


      Please assist.