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    Formatting multiple measures with one action



      I have a workbook where there are around 30 measures in a view. I would like to change all of the measures formating from a number format to a currency format. IS there a way to make this with a one single "click"? or do i have to change format of all measures seperatly ( 30 times change formating of each measure)?

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          Michael Gillespie

          Fastest way: In the Measures pane (NOT on the viz or dashboard) CTRL-LEFT CLICK (Option-Click on Mac, I think) to select all the measures you want to change.  Right-click on that selection and select Default Properties, Number Format.  You can change them all at once.


          You could also pivot your source data so that all your measures are in one column, then format that one column the way you want.  But that will break any vizzes built with the measures as separate columns.

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