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    Simple Table Calculation help

    Sarah Rich

      Hello! I've begun using Tableau to demonstrate K-12 educational equity gaps. In this case I'm using publicly available data for students in various race/ethnicity groups. We want to compare our White and Asian (typically better scores on the state test) to a group I've labeled "Historically Underserved Students of Color" (HUSC). I have a table that shows the number of students who met standard (passed) a test (count met standard) to the number of students who did not meet standard (count not met). I want to get a % met for this group of students. In this example, in 2018 there are 255 HUSC who met and 241 who did not meet. That's a total of 496 total students. 255 of 496 total students = 51.4%. How can I add a table calculation to show this?