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    Tableau and Google Analytics Discrepancy

    Joseph Wibowo

      Has anyone else had troubles aligning Google Analytics data to Tableau's GA Integration?


      I have researched and found there have been discrepancies for certain metrics, but pageviews should be accurate. I am using full data as far as I know, but the trouble is that when I compare numbers to Google Analytics, some weeks are completely right and some are 10-20% off. Has anyone else experienced this or how to solve it?

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          Michael Gillespie

          There are known issues that I do not think have been resolved yet with the way the Google Analytics Report API and Tableau communicate.  The issue is on the Google side, as I understand it, and there is nothing you can do to fix it.  That MAY be what you are seeing.


          Other potential issues are that sometimes the way Google counts things internally is NOT possible externally, as the API does not expose exactly the same data to a 3rd-party toolset.  Very hard to say if that is your issue without digging into the raw data, but I've experienced issues getting counts to match consistently.

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