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    How To Evenly Distribute Names to each Row in a Text Table

    Jeremy Dempsey

      I have a need to assign a list of agents I get from a SQL query evenly to each row of an unrelated data source in a text table.   I've found that putting the list of agents in a Parameter allows me to drag the column onto the unrelated data source, but it displays only one agent.  I'm using the parameter because if the list of agents changes, then the parameter will dynamically update.  I'm thinking I need to use a calculated field with the parameter, but I'm not sure how to get there.  How do I evenly distribute each agent in the list to each row of data?


      I've attached a packaged workbook using superstore data as an example.  See the parameter "WC_Agents".


      Any help you can give is much appreciated.


      even distribution example.png