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    Verizon Fleet Management


      Wondering if anyone has used Tableau for data exports from Verizon Fleet Management.  Looking to analyze the duration of time vehicles spend within a geofence, while also incorporating crime incidents in that area. Running into a few road blocks in Tableau, any advice is greatly appreciated!

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          Hello Kari,


          If you are trying to connect to mapping data from the Verizon Fleet Management, Tableau can connect to several spatial file types, more information on creating maps with spatial files can be found here: Create Tableau Maps from Spatial Files - Tableau


          Additionally, if there is other data that you wish to connect to, but there are several options for connecting to data sources from Tableau Desktop that are currently supported by a named connector. The data can be mirrored into a supported Tableau data source connection. Information on all supported connections can be found below in the technical specifications for Tableau.


          + All Technical Specifications | Tableau Software


          If available for the database Tableau has an ODBC connector can be used to most data sources that have an ODBC driver. I am including several resources for the ODBC connection below. There can sometimes be limitations when using the ODBC connection versus a named connection that is listed in the explicitly on the data source page.


          + Tableau and ODBC


          + Tableau and ODBC | Tableau Community


          Also, if the data is available over HTTP, the connection to the data source can be made with the WDC(Web Data Connector). I have included several resources for using the Tableau WDC below. The first link is to the Tableau Online Help on the WDC feature. Additionally, I included links to the specific section in the community and the Tableau GitHub section on the WDC.


          + Web Data Connector | Online Help Guide


          + Web Data Connector Home | GitHub


          Web Data Connector | Tableau Community


          Another option is to use the Tableau SDK, to create a .tde file of the data set to then be used in the Tableau Desktop program. Additional resources and information can be found below.


          Tableau SDK | Online Help Guide


          Tableau SDK | Tableau Community


          Tableau SDK - Getting Started


          I hope these resources help!



          Byrne, Patrick

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            KARI OLIVER

            Thank you so much for your reply Patrick!  you have been immensely helpful! I will do some research to see if I can make the connection work. Thanks again!

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              No problem! Happy to help! Please share any solutions that you might come across.

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                Debbie Andre

                Hi Kari,


                were you able to figure out how to connect to Verizon Fleet Management from Tableau? I'm trying the same thing and haven't had luck yet

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                  KARI OLIVER

                  No I still have no been able to figure it out. How are you currently getting data out of Verizon? Maybe be can figure it out together!

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                    Debbie Andre

                    Currently I’m only able to see the reports & dashboards within Verizon fleet management web browser system. I talked to their support folks and they were able to send me credentials to access the data. However, they were no help at all in how to connect to the data. My gut is that it is a Web Data Connector that we need to use in Tableau, but need the URL for the data site, which isn’t the same as the address for the tool. My impression on the call with Verizon support group was they didn't really understand what I was looking for.  They suggested I contact Tableau but don’t think they will know.


                    We have a direct contact with Verizon (different from the support line) that I’m going to try next and see what he says.


                    So frustrating, right?

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                      KARI OLIVER

                      I basically had the same experience...I called several different agents who had no idea what I was talking about and just sent me to the next person. They did mention that I needed to be the 'master admin' in order to set up a web connection but they did not help me to get those credentials or tell me how I could set that up. They also said I needed to talk to Tableau.  I am currently trying to get all of our data into excel through exporting their 'dynamic reports'....but I find that it is very time consuming and it does not contain all of the data that I am looking for.  Essentially we are using Verizon to track the amount of time our fleet spends in specific geocoded areas. I want to be able to quickly run a weekly/monthly/annual report and say we spent x% of time in these areas. This can so very easily be done in Tableau if I could only get the data into it!! It really should not be that difficult to do. If you are able to get any answers or insight from your contact please let me know!

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                        Don Wise

                        Hi Kari & Debbie,

                        Not sure if you're aware of this but it appears that Verizon Connect (specifically the Data Connect Service is a separate service from Web Services) might be needed in order to get access to the Fleet Management streaming data per this PDF: https://static.verizonconnect.com/networkfleet/Data_Services_Use_Policy.pdf  If you're already aware of this then disregard me barging in .  Best, Don 

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                          Debbie Andre

                          Thanks Don. That helps. I think I'm on the right track then to contact our Verizon Account Manager and work on that access through him and add that to our account.

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                            Debbie Andre

                            Hi Kari - sorry this took so long to get back to you with my discovery..... I finally got a step by step process from Verizon Connect on how to get to the data. Basically it's a custom API that needs to be built (not by Verizon) and then after that is written, confirm with Verizon that the customer API is complete. Verizon will then send me some type of paperwork, Verizon developers will then create a userid & password. Verizon stated that Tableau could write the API and after contacting my Tableau rep, she connected me with a third party vendor who can write it. After a little sticker shock of the cost, I put this project on hold and will be looking into other options.


                            FYI - Tableau connected me with a company called Zuar to create the custom API if you are interested.


                            wish there was a better outcome from this. I'm going to add this issue to my TC19 items to look for a session on (APIs aren't something I've done much with).




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                              Ciara Brennan

                              Debbie Andre wrote:




                              wish there was a better outcome from this. I'm going to add this issue to my TC19 items to look for a session on (APIs aren't something I've done much with).





                              Hi Debbie, just as fyi we have a board for TC if you'd like to post anything there...

                              Tableau Conference


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