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    Can we create input form in tableau?

    karan shah

      Hello everyone,


      I need a very typical usage of the tableau.


      My requirement is as below:


      As per my requirement, How it should work?

      1. I need to create an input form in tableau as per the below image






      2. Suppose I have created this form in tableau server. one of my end users logs in to the Tableau server.


      he enters search parameter (i.e. keywords) in the above form  and clicks on search and then it will be navigated to my WEB API with search parameter,


      WEB API sends the response as JSON data and We would like to display that data in tabular(i.e. Grid ) format inside tableau.


      Please let me know if it is possible or not with tableau and if possible then how?.

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          Chris McClellan

          It would depend a LOT on your ability to change the API but I would still say no.


          It MIGHT be possible using dimensions and filters, but parameters are a single value only, so you can't do a free text field or a multi-choice check box.


          For a definite answer, there's more questions to answer first :


          - do you have complete control of the API ? (meaning can your developers change the code ?)

          - can you connect to the API from Tableau with no filters and it works ?

          - Do you really need the collapsible containers as per the screenshot ? (you won't be able to do that)