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    Simple Alert for multiple parametered values

    Daniel Lawrence

      I have a dashboard with a parameter for location to show a location specific dashboard.  If I want to send out a simple alert of the dashboard on a schedule for each location, how would i go about doing that?

      Would I have to set N separate alerts (where N is the number of locations) and URL code each with Location=XXXX?


      Because it is a user manipulated parameter it has no reason to ever change from Location A to Location B unless prompted.

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          Matt Coles

          So, just so I understand, you want to send an image of this dashboard out to your audience, with one email per possible location that could be entered into the parameter control...is that right? Does each email for each location need to be sent on a different schedules appropriate for the timezone of the location it covers? Also, do the audiences vary per location?


          Generally speaking you should be able to do this with a single "advanced alert" sheet that contains one row of data per possible location you want to capture in your email. But if you could answer the prior questions, I can put together an example that should help illustrate the concept.

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            Daniel Lawrence

            Thankfully, it is not as complicated as that.  Currently, the audience is just a few people all in the same timezone who need a copy of the dashboard for each location (currently 2 very soon to be 3 and subsequently 4) on a scheduled day (the time of day is generally not a hard requirement).  So the schedule can be the same for all locations.


            Currently, I download and present them a PDF copy and that would be what I would continue with. 

            BTW, CSVs are not available to download for this dashboard because of data blended calculations (I assume) so I imagine the automatically generated CSVs with VizAlerts would fail?


            Once again, thanks for all of your assistance Matt!

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              Daniel Lawrence

              Also, on a side note, when scheduling VizAlerts to run in Windows task scheduler does the time of a scheduled alert have to explicitly match the run time (i.e. 10:15am = 10:15am) or does it automatically run scheduled alerts that have passed but have yet to be run (i.e. Vizalerts runs at 10:20 and picks up the 10:15 alert)?


              I ask because my current data pipeline only updates our data on a daily basis so until that changes I want to run Vizalerts on a more infrequent schedule than 1 minute, maybe every 20 or 30 mins?

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                Matt Coles

                VizAlerts should be run as a scheduled task at a frequency of every minute. This has little to do with when your alerts are actually run, as those are dictated by the schedules you subscribe to them on in Tableau Server. When your schedule time matches the current time, VizAlerts will pick it up on the next iteration. So if you set it up to run infrequently, like every 15 minutes, it means that your alerts won't run on time--they'll run 15 minutes later than scheduled.


                I've attached a demo workbook you can use for reference for how to accomplish what you need. You will create a "trigger" sheet such at this one:




                It contains one row per Region that you want to email to people. It also contains parameters that let you set the To and From email addresses. In the Email Body field, we are using a content reference that tells VizAlerts to embed the "SaleMap" sheet from our workbook into the email. The ?Region= part acts as a filter for the embedded viz, so that the image embedded in the email only shows the region that is appropriate for that email.


                So download this, edit the parameters, then publish it to Server and run a few tests to see how it works. If you want to get fancier and only send one email a day, but embed all the different regions into the same email, you can look up how to use the Consolidate Lines feature to do that.

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                  Jonathan Drummey

                  The CSV limitation with data blends is for row-level data. That's because data blends are a form of "post aggregate left join" so row-level data from secondary sources doesn't quite make sense, and there are a ton of special cases that would come up. This is true whether we're looking at the underlying data in Desktop or using Server/Online to download that data.


                  However the CSVs that VizAlerts downloads are the summary-level data based on the viz level of detail and that includes all dimension & measure pills (from primary or secondary sources) used in the viz. So you can set up a viz with all the dimensions & measures that you need, and if the viz level of detail is row-level and your blend is working as desired then you're all set to have a downloadable CSV with that information. In the case of a dashboard that you're trying to use you have to be careful about the sheet naming to download the correct sheet, there's a section in the VizAlerts documentation on that.



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                    Daniel Lawrence

                    I was eventually able to get things to work after corrected all the human errors.  I had the Viz subscribed to the schedule and not the trigger viz, etc...


                    I can get the correct advanced alerts to work on a schedule when I manually run the vizalerts.exe from the command line around the time the scheduled alert should be picked up. 

                    But when I task schedule Viz Alerts for every 1 minute it does not seem to run vizalerts.exe even though task scheduler says it did. 


                    I am pretty sure the problem is the path for "Action" in Task Manager.

                    vizalerts task manager path.PNG


                    But i cannot get the correct file path(s) after numerous attempts.  I saw in Matt's example that he used c:\vizalerts\vizalerts.exe for the script and C:\Utility\Vizalerts for the Start In.  I attempted to do the same as shown above as well as utilizing the full path in the script section.  I know that vizalerts.exe references modules outside of itself in the vizalerts folder so it would make sense to start in that folder but I am still not having success. 



                    Also, on a small side note is there a way to force one PDF attachment (not merged PDF) to be in landscape orientation instead of portrait?

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                      Toby Erkson

                      Please, no side questions like that, ask that in the appropriate Forums .  We need to focus on one problem and solve it.


                      Your "Start in (optional)" should be the exact same location as the file path in the "Program/script" box.


                      Make sure the account you're using has the proper privileges to run the task.  I'm using our Tableau Server Run As User account which is also in the Windows Administrator group:


                      Here's my Trigger info:

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