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    Current Year, Prior Year and Difference for multiple measures in a single view

    Kanhu Gouda

      Hello Everyone,


      I am trying to build a dashboard where we can display Current year, Prior year data along with the difference for multiple measures by a Category in a single view.

      Till now I am able to create the same view for single measure only. But I am facing challenge while taking multiple measures. If I create multiple similar views for each measure by category and put them in a container, the independent scroll bars create a problem.


      Below is the type of view I require. Any suggestions will be appreciated.


      Category SalesProfitQuantity
      FurnitureCurrent Year10000400100000
      Prior Year20000500200000
      Office SuppliesCurrent Year10000300400000
      Prior Year15000150500000
      TechnologyCurrent Year1000005000700000
      Prior Year60000400800000