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    Data Connection Usage Question

    tina miller

      I have several workbooks with dashboards and varying data sources. Some Excel, some tables in various SQL back-ends, and one Tableau Extract. Wish all our sources were extracts. Run so much faster if on the server but we have not gone that direction yet. There are two SQL back-ends that are problematic. I will refresh all of our views monthly on a schedule after the data is refreshed in the back-ends, but leave these two SQL refreshes for last because they take forever. One pull takes about 7 hours. The other could take 12, 15, or have to run overnight. I do work from home and our VPN is bad. Really bad. But then those that do work from office experience issues with the same back-end. Not the querying time the WFH folks do. I have run this long query overnight so I can be productive during the day and not star at a count as it runs or the blue circle but something happened last month and I ran it on a Sunday and Monday I came in and people were mad because their jobs did not run. The odd thing is, I was not querying in the database they stated. I was doing something entirely different. I am wondering if because some of my data sources in this workbook is the database we are told not to query after business hours somehow just by opening my workbook is using the resource. Let's call the two tables out here to make better sense. Table A SQL Server XYZ and table B SQL Server ABC. I have views that tie to both but I was running a refresh on a view that ONLY has table B in SQL Server ABC. We have no lock in our custom queries as well. I know that if I have my workbook open and attempt to open an Excel in my Documents, make a change, and then try and refresh that extract it says in use. Even though I am not on the worksheet that is looking at the Excel or attempting to make a change when I am trying to refresh the data source. It is like when you create an access database and put it on a shared drive and open it and someone else goes to that drive and they cannot open it. Locked to someone else. I am wondering if Tableau acts the same way where just opening your workbook you automatically are using any data source in there, even though all our data sources we extract and do not use LIVE.