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    Is Extract a best option or Live when connecting to 250 millions records

    Ravikiran Sarala

      Hello Tableau Geeks,


      I have a scenarios, where users want to have a look at their employee swipe details with the timestamp(I mean to say swipe details both IN/OUT recorded for each day) for last ten years which is closely having 250 M records.Database is Cloud-era hadoop


      Now they want two dashboards

      one to see summary data(count of employees with a bar chart). click on that will give details of that employee with first IN and Last OUT for each day.

      Second one should show all the details of an employee(Cross tab) with all his swipe details registered for each day.


      What is the best approach for building those dashboards(extract/live) to go with that will not impact the performance of the dashboard in the prod.



      Ravikiran S