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    Trying to convert SurveyMonkey data to a useful pivot

    Brian Piper

      So, I know I need to "pivot" my SurveyMonkey data so that there is a row for each respondent, for each question. I've got my Excel export in 3 sheets with the first one containing the text answers, the second containing the numeric answers and the third is the "key" which I'm not sure I've got set up properly.


      The questions are multiple choice, multiple selections but there's no "Question" field for the original question, so I created that in the third sheet. I renamed the columns in the first and second sheet to indicate which question those answers are associated to.


      I find lots of posts saying that the data can be reshaped using the Excel plug-in, Tableau Prep or EasyMorph...among other tools. I've tried to find tutorials that are anywhere similar to the data I've got, but can't find any. I've tried all three and haven't ended up with results that seem to be what I need. Anyone have any idea what I'm doing wrong?


      Here's a pic of the data after I renamed and cleaned up the column headers.


      ...and here's the second sheet, that just has the numeric values:


      ...and here's the third sheet that should be the question/answer key:



      What magical combinations of buttons can I hit to make any of this useful in Tableau?