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    Filter to Parameter

    Raj Cheruvu

      Can a filter be connected to a parameter?  I am trying to save space on my dashboard by having line charts "sit" on top of one another and have a parameter flip between the line charts on the dashboard.  I then am trying to have global filters adjust the line charts to match the criteria they are filtered on plus adjust the other elements on the dashboard - bullet charts and bar charts - all at the same time.  Can this be done?

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          Melanie Young

          Hi Raj,


          I was able to do this by following the info here:


          Create a Sheet Selector for a Dashboard - Tableau


          Hope this helps!

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            Raj Cheruvu

            Thanks... can I include a dashboard action that filters the parameter on the second sheet if I click a bullet in the first dashboard?


            The first dashboard has 10 bullet charts.  I have a second dashboard that uses the parameter to show these bullet charts from a different data perspective.  On the second dashboard, below the bar chart is a cross tab that has to be filtered on.  When I click a bullet on the first sheet, I need it to filter the parameter to the correct bullet values and the correct cross tab.  I also need the parameter on the second sheet in case anyone wants to view another metric without going  back.  This was assigned by my supervisor.  Any ideas?

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              Jim Dehner


              Parameters are static values that are set by the user and are global - they are the same throughout the entire workbook until changed by the user - that dais they don't do anything until they are included in a filter or calculation - so you can use the parameter to filter on worksheet (filters are sheet specific but can be passed from one sheet to another -and then use the same parameter in a different filter or calculation on a different worksheet - if both sheets are on a single dashboard the parameter will affect each sheet differently based on the filter/calculation on that specific worksheet - also not you could have another sheet on the same dashboard that is un-affect by the parameter



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                Raj Cheruvu

                It doesn't quite answer it.  What I'm gathering is that because they are static, they don't change with an action??  I'm sure someone has tried clikcing a chart that automatically filters a parameter on the next dashboard.

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                  Jim Dehner

                  The first part is correct

                  the second part is backwards - very often we will use a parameter to change a filter value or do a sheet swap - also there are now (2018.3) set actions that will look a lot like the "parameter" has been changed but if you open the parameter it has not



                  possibly - Are you use extensions? There is an extension for dynamic parameters? the "Dynamic" here updates the potential values in a paramter