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    Simple Alerts in VizAlerts

    Daniel Lawrence

      Hello VizAler-kers,


          I recently installed VizAlerts but I am still trying to figure out its intricacies.  I am trying to get a simple alert to work with no success, as of yet.


      Referring to here, "The trigger for whether an email is sent to the subscriber or not is simply whether or not data is showing in the view when the Schedule runs. If there is, an email is sent. Otherwise, it isn't."


      That seems perfectly obvious to me but when I run vizalerts.py on a disabled but subscribed 15 minute schedule I do not receive an email.  I do not receive any errors in either python or emailed to me which leads me to believe that "No data is showing in the view".  However, i am looking at the view and there is data.  I have not set up an action filter or anything of that nature because I first just want this view emailed on a schedule. 


      Am I missing something here?