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    Tableau Spider Radar Pie Chart

    Sanjay Senthilkumar

      I tried to create a Radar Pie chart in Tableau. I used Use radar charts to compare dimensions over several metrics | Tableau Software instructions from the link to get started. To some extent I wanted to recreate the following image and improve upon it

      Image result for radar pie chart

      I went about it in two ways, and as you can see in the attached TWBX files the polygon never reaches to the Origin (0,0) if I were to show each project by its own color.


      Any updates/help would be largely helpful


      Note: The data used is made up just for practice and I am new to this so sorry for any over simplistic questions.

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          Matthew McGreskin

          Hi Sanjay,


          I don't know if you're still looking at the radar pie thing but I recently found a way to create one.


          It's based on a Sunburst Chart tutorial I saw on SuperDataScience (here, if you're interested SUNBURST CHART TABLEAU TUTORIAL PART 1 - YouTube) which in turn is based on the work of Bora Beran.


          I preface with this to let you know that I merely did the Jurassic Park thing of standing on the shoulders of geniuses, rather than acquiring the initial knowledge myself.


          Anyway, with that being said, here's a link to the viz, it was created using an older version of Tableau so I went the approach of sticking a .png image over the radar pie meaning there's no interactivity for the sections.


          If you need the interactivity though, you could use the clear pie tab in there if you're using a newer version that supports transparency (a bit janky, I know).


          Hope this helps, or perhaps gives you a different avenue for research.


          Update: I downloaded Tableau public to get a newer version so that I could apply the transparent overlay to allow you to click on individual segments, here's a link to that version of the viz in case that's more helpful for you.