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    Does Tableau Desktop have its own PDF driver?

    Toby Erkson

      When searching for an answer I hit this post by James Baker:Re: PDF default output file size is huge

      When you export directly to PDF from Tableau, the PDF content is natively generated by Tableau...

      In the same thread Richard Leeke states

      I think the distinction between "Print to PDF" and selecting PDF as a printer is that in the first case it is Tableau that is controlling the content of the PDF, in the second case it is whatever PDF printer driver you happen to have installed on your PC.

      This leads me to believe Desktop has such a driver.  If true, could it over-ride an existing driver?


      Here's why I'm asking as I got the question from another IT team:

      We have encountered a very odd situation. We have an employee that uses Adobe Acrobat Pro XI and Tableau Desktop. She also uses a program called PitStop Pro 2018 which works by creating a plug-in for Acrobat. Acrobat works with PitStop Pro until the Tableau Desktop bundle is installed. After it is installed, Acrobat keeps being shut down by the Windows Defender Exploit Guard. Does Tableau Desktop create a printer like Acrobat does?

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          Michael Gillespie

          That sounds like a bear to debug.  Something Tableau is doing at install is getting in between what PitStop wants and what Acrobat does.  It sort of feels like PitStop is trying to communicate with Acrobat in some way that Tableau is already in the middle of, so Defender interprets that as malicious action.


          This is going to be a three-way finger-pointing exercise between Tableau, Adobe and the PitStop folks, I fear...

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            James Baker

            I do not believe that Tableau Desktop either "creates a printer" (this would be user-visible in the list of printers, I'm pretty confident of this) or "has a driver" (as in, a device driver, installed to allow the OS to interact with hardware? I'm not sure what this would even mean in the context of Tableau).  I believe Tableau has, inside its application, renderer code that outputs the PDF file format.  I'll check if we have any more details/thoughts...

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