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    VizAlerts with 2018.2.3

    Shashank Ojha

      Hi Everyone,


      Has anyone upgraded to Tableau Server 2018.2.3 (HA) with VizAlerts in place ?


      Need to understand if things are working smooth with Vizalerts(2.0.1) with the 2018.2.3 version of Tableau server.





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          Ritesh Bisht

          Hi Shashank,



          2018.2 Support?


          "No changes in 2018.2 should have broken anything in VizAlerts. VizAlerts is running fine on our 2018.2 servers as we speak. But please let me know if you have any issues."


          You can contact Matt(check above link) for any specific issue


          Better to close this thread and ask a question in that thread since most of the members who have upgraded are there 2018.2 Support?




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