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    Dynamic Dashboard Help

    Tony R



      I tried to accomplish this look in a worksheet to get it to be dynamic, but no such luck with current required view. A dashboard view will work just fine, but currently it requires too many filter adjustment for the end user. In this mock up report there are 5 applications and 5 summary boxes that explain that app (Total (counts all months showing), 3m AVG (last 3 months showing average) and Trend (compares previous month to the last 3 month average and determines if it is up, flat or down).


      The problem I have is that the real data has 20 applications to pick from and will continue to grow. Change the apps is easy and I want the user to be able to do that, but each summary box needs to be changed to match that new app selected. This is not ideal.


      Looking for a way to link the summary box to that individual application. When it changes the summary box changes to the new one selected or added. If it goes from 5 to 4 in this view it knows to remove the 5th one and just show 4 applications and 4 summary box that all link up.

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          Jim Dehner

          Hi Tony


          see the attached approach using set actions - this is only an example -


          I added a sheet with a set based on APP on it - just used a pie chart -





          found a small corner of your dash where I could fit it in and added a set action


          set up a st action like this



          now on the dash you can it will return this



          is this what you had in mind?




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            Tony R

            Thanks for the post. i'm not able to open that workbook for some reason, but thanks for posting the screen shots. I may be missing something, but I don't think this accomplishes what I was thinking.


            In this example each direction box/summary box represents each app (of 5) in this data set. When I filter Reliability impact and choose app6 and deselect app 5 I want the summary box to the right to change to app 6 summary box. If I want to change app1 to app 7 the summary box would change with it. All while keeping this view of vertical bars and summary/arrow indicator to the right.

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              Jim Dehner

              What version of Tableau are you on - needs to be 2018.3


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                Tony R

                Thanks for quick response Jim.


                At work I use desktop Tableau 10. Don't see an option to upgrade versions and don't see the set action option. At home I use public version of tableau, so I can look at updating to that version. Do you have instructions on how I would accomplish this in Tableau 10 desktop, as that's the version I need to be running it in.

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                  Jim Dehner

                  Ok sorry - the solution I sent is based on Set Action introduced on 2018.3 I'll take another look to see if there is a different way