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    How to ADD-IN ZERO's in PLACE of NO VALUE

    Stephen Groff

      So I've been going through a lot of different posts about adding zeros in place of spots with no data.  It's surprisingly difficult...


      My conundrum...


      I have 5 product families as shown in the first couple of data sets.  But as you move from right to left, you'll notice it begins leaving product families out because they don't have data.


      I've tried inputting IFNULL infront of all my calculations without success.  Is there a quick and easy way to do this?  Below is an example of the calculation for PDA ZERO (7th Data Set Above):



      I wish I could post my workbook... but there is so much data involved that is confidential... I cannot.  My apologies.

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          Paul Wachtler

          Hi Stephen,


          Is there a requirement that you have to keep each metric on a separate worksheet and compile them together on the dashboard - or would it be ok to place them all on the same worksheet?


          Your issue right now is that for PDA Zero right now, Tableau doesn't know that the values for LAP, SCOM, etc are null because they don't exist for that measure, even though it exists for your other measures, since you've filtered the one worksheet to that specific measure, it doesn't know that LAP and SCOM values should exist anymore than it would know to include apples and oranges.


          If you place all of your measure on a single worksheet, then Tableau will see that for given measures, certain row values are null, and then I believe you calculation will work.




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            Stephen Groff

            Thank you for the input Paul.  I originally didn't want to try and add all the measures to the same sheet as it would've required an significant headache in attempting to get all of my calculations to work under the same filters... but I got done what needed to get done.  It isn't super pretty, but it looks good.  Thanks for steering me in the right direction.