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    Unable to filter Data Source to get id

    Rafael Raposo

      Hey, all.


      I'm building a script to automate some of our refreshes via REST API.


      I'm trying to fetch a data source ID by querying datasources using:

      GET /api/api-version/sites/site-id/datasources?filter=filter-expression



      Let's say I have a data source called test.

      When I try to filter using:

      GET /api/api-version/sites/site-id/datasources?filter=name:eq:test


      I'm getting 0 results. When I don't use the filter to get all the data source results I can clearly see in the response the data source I'm looking for with the exact name I was using to filter.


      Anyone has a working example of data source filtering or can guide to what's wrong in my request?


      Thanks in advance!