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    Calculate median at month level

    Raheel Farooq

      Hi All,

      I am struggling calculating median value. The target or desired output is very simple, I want to throw MonthYear in the view and the median calculated field.



           There are IDs and each id is associated with start and end dates.

           There is a derived field "days_on _service "based on start and end date. i.e. end_date - start date (days difference)

           There is RankbyId field that calculates ranking based on days_on_service field and in asc order

           There is final calculated field "Median" and that calculates Median for first 5ranks of each month.


           Median field is only working when I add ID field on the canvas either on color or detail or label or shape etc

      Desired Output:

           I need a line or tabular data with MonthYear and its calculated Median only so that there will be only one median value against each monthyear.


      Attaching is the tableau packaged sheet I am working on...


      Sheet1 is working perfectly fine, showing me monthyear and median side by side

      Sheet 2 is the trend line that is my ultimate goal..but currently the problem is if I remove the Id field from detail "median" calculated field gives an error.

      Sheet 2 and Desired output is same data and is also my desired output.


      Both twbx and xls source file is attached. Thanks





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          Norbert Maijoor

          Hi Raheel,


          Not sure but find my approach as reference below and stored in attached workbook version 10.5 located in the original thread.



          1. Define custom date: D1. Start Date (Month / Year)


          2. M1. index: index()


          3. M2. Median: int({fixed [D1. Start Date (Month / Year)]: countd([Id])}/2)+1........+1???


          4. M3. Display: [M1. index]=attr([M1. Median])


          5. Drag required objects to the indicated locations, hide header for Id & M1. Index & filter M3. Display on True




          Hope it helps,




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            Raheel Farooq

            Thankyou Norbert for your response. Much appreciated!


            Yes this solution is working but still I have the same problem of ID field that we are bringing in the sheet. and this is creating performance issues where we have more than 100k distinct ids each month.


            I am trying to find a solution where I do not really need to bring the ID field on the canvas. I hope you are getting my point and what I am trying to achieve. Once again thanks for your time.